This is a painting I am doing for the Wildlife Waystation. It is of an African male lion called Bolero. Right now the painting shows mostly the toning of the canvas with a little bit of medium value I have added and some placement of darker values to help me anchor down the features of his face. He is a magnificent creature and I hope to capture the essence of his personality as well as his physical appearance. I am thinking that perhaps after this I will do a full body painting as well. When it is finished I will donate it to the Waystation so they may sell it to raise much needed funds. They are a great group of people led by the wonderful Martine.
Below you will see my latest painting taking shape. It is of two mountain lion cubs I am painting for the Wildlife Waystation. Right now I have just started to block in the basic shapes. I am excited to paint this  composition as it has a nice three quarter view as well as a profile. I enjoyed my time with the cubs and after this I will paint all three of them. This painting will be donated to theWaystation for fundraising.
I am starting to create some fur texture now as I go back and forth repainting middle values and trying to get the flow of the mane. The following picture will show a close up of that process.
I am about 50% finsihed with Bolero's portrait. I am working on creating texture and getting the underpainting of the mane just right. After that I will brush in the long flowing hair that he has. I am working all over the painting so I don't lose continuity. It also keeps me from getting too far ahead on one particular area. I am mostly using cadmium yellow, cadmium orange, raw sienna ,burnt umber and titanium white for all of the fur.
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