"Rm W Vu" Giclee 9" x 18""Footsteps" 	
"Gemini""In Your Face""Its Your Move""Jungle Thunder""Kaleidoscope""Light in the Forest""Nightwatch""Shellgame""Sisters""When Sundown Pales The Sky""I Live Here Too!" 22 x 28
Each *Giclee' is produced on Archival Watercolor Paper,
is signed and numbered and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

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*French word pronounced "zhee-clay", meaning "sprayed ink" - This is a computer
generated print  that is produced by the spraying of ink onto a high quality paper or canvas.
It is capable of producing millions of colors. This allows for a high degree of fine detail,
closely matching the original. This advanced technology creates a lustrous, continuous-tone
digital print that meets or exceeds the quality and longevity of traditional lithograph and
screen printing reproductions.
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